John C. Coffman


John C. Coffman is a Louisiana based actor known for his ability to make even a small role memorable. The acting bug caught John late in life. A friend sent an email with a casting call for Olympus Has Fallen. "They're describing you. You should apply!" After some convincing, he sent some photos and resume. The next week he was on his way to Shreveport, La. for a week on the set. It was supposed to be a one-time thing just for the experience but the great crew and cast whetted his appetite for more. Born in Jasper, Texas, John grew up as a self-described "pipeline brat." His father worked in the gas pipeline industry and they moved around quite a bit. Name any town along the Texas/Louisiana Gulf Coast and he's lived within sixty miles of it. The moves were always just far enough that everyone talked differently. As a result, John developed a talent for mimicking accents and speech patterns. After seven years in the Army, John worked for a couple of years in the same industry as his father. Afterwards he obtained his B.S. in Accounting from McNeese State University and his J.D. in Civil Law from Loyola University in New Orleans. He's practiced law for over twenty years as both a Defense and Prosecuting Attorney. He's now in semi-retired private practice in Lake Charles, Louisiana with a schedule relaxed enough to follow up movie roles. He's married to the ever-patient Tina Mosca and has one son, John B. Coffman.


Movie Name Release Date
The Christmas Contract Full Movie Free Download HD The Christmas Contract Full Movie Free Download HD November 22, 2018