Julian Graham


Julian Graham is a Los Angeles based actor who is a former Police Officer and Boxer. His ethnically ambiguous look has allowed him to explore a range of different roles. His first notable screen appearance was as the leading man in a hugely popular music video for Katy Perry and Timbaland, "If we Ever Meet Again". The video was a worldwide hit having been seen by hundreds of millions of people. More recently, Julian appeared as US born Syrian gang informant, Joseph Abaq on the hit CBS show, NCIS LA and has shot a commercial for BMW, helmed by acclaimed commercial and movie director, Rupert Sanders. Julian's passion for boxing is utilized well in his spare time as he coaches professional fighters in and around Los Angeles. Naturally, his dream role would be one that involved action where he could use his fighting skills and perhaps combine that with his Police background.


Movie Name Release Date
The Beyond Full Movie Free Download HD The Beyond Full Movie Free Download HD January 9, 2018